Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My sub

Ok so last week we had a session that I considered maintenance.  My sub however took it as a punishment session.  I have made sure she is keeping a journal of all of the things she is doing that violates the rules I have put in place.  Once a week I am checking the book and then on my lunch hour Thursday I am going to spank her appropriately.  Last week after I got done with this process she got extremely angry.  She lay in bed fuming for about 30 minutes and then proceeded to start working on a task I had asked her to do earlier in the week.  Is this a normal reaction for a sub?  A little while later she attempted to explain why she felt she was so angry.  I guess I do not understand what a maintenance spanking entails.  Can anyone explain to me the most effective way to do the maintenance?  I am really rather new to this and still trying to perfect being a Dom.  I am going to give another punishment spanking tomorrow and I will blog about the event and what the reactions were.  Thanks for the support and I hope you can help sculpt me into a better Dom!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New to D/S and needing to learn

So I have decided to begin blogging and hopefully find other Doms that can help me refine my duties.  My Sub and I have been active in the D/S community for a little over 3 years.  Before that I had little knowledge or experience with that kind of relationship.  But mu sub was in need of more than I was offering so we discussed her needs and she gave me a lot of links about the topic.  I am still trying to learn and hoped that any other doms out there might be able to give me some tips, advice, etc.