Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where am I going?

Well my life certainly has been interesting since I last blogged.  About 2 weeks ago I was laid off from my job.  Not for performance or any other valid reason, but because they needed to save money and this stupid state does not require them to have a reason for it.  So since Nov 10th I have been looking, unsuccessfully,  for a job.  The one bright spot in all of this is that I have had enough time during the week to effectively manage my subs routine and attitudes :)  Last week I decided that on Thursday when we normally do he punishments I would take her to the zoo instead.  I really enjoyed myself.  It felt good to have my little girl walking arm in arm with me around the zoo.  She got so excited when we were near the monkeys and they actually were interacting with her.  It was a very nice day.  Then Friday came along and messed up my whole week.  I went to the doctor because of the terrible pains I have been having in my stomach from my surgery earlier in the summer.  After examination he says I have a hernia and will need another operation to fix it!  Well last time I was in this hospital they almost killed me, no really I had 5 major organs shut down.  So I have a cat scan this week to determine how serious this is.  If it is going to require an immediate operation I am going to have the tell him I wont do it here but in Lubbock instead.  So anyway a quick update as it is going on 2 am here.  Hopefully Monday I can take care of my little girls book from last week.  I have been way to hurt to do it and it is starting to show in her bratty attitude.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Delayed but successful

So last week I had full intention of reviewing my subs journal and using my lunch hour Thursday for the discipline.  Well unfortunately Thursday my boss decided it was time for a team lunch so  I figured Friday would be ok, well I didn't make it home that day either.  So disappointed I assumed I would not be able to find "kid free" time to do the session.  Well on Saturday good fortune smiled upon me as my kids were invited to their friends house for some playtime!  So I proceeded to tell my little girl to go into our room and open "the trunk" and assume the position.  A few minutes later I went in and found her with the paddle on the bed next to her positioned body :)  I really like the fact she is becoming so obedient.  So I looked in the trunk and noticed a few instruments we had not used for some time, thinner paddle, big paddle, and my favorite cane.  She owed my 90 swats this week which is about 30 more than last week.  So I started a little lighter in hopes of warming her up.  Around swat 45 I decided to move to the big paddle.  Then around 70 I moved to my favorite.  She hates it but I love it, besides punishment is not meant to be fun for her.  As I was giving her this punishment I noticed it really was turning me on.  So when I got done I got behind her and took what I wanted.  I just used her for my own pleasure.  It was the highlight of my weekend.  I am looking forward to this Thursday as my boss is no longer here to distract me.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ok so the weekend is over and Halloween went great!  My sub was very cute as she and I dressed like a demanding boss and his secretary for our church party, she completed the look with a bright red kiss mark on my cheek.  We had little things as well, I was wearing my wedding ring she was not, not sure anyone noticed this but I did.  So last night we went to several churches in the area that were having carnivals for the kids, we were in this one room watching our boys do a cake walk and there were several chairs on one side of the room and I asked her if she wanted to sit and she said no.  So I sat down and she was standing beside me.  She got a little bratty and I calmly "suggested" I should make her kneel next to my chair.  Then when she hesitated I jested "what you afraid of public displays of your submissiveness"  Next thing I know she is kneeling beside me with her palms face up on her thighs.  So I gently reached over and stroked the back of her head and neck to show my appreciation.  I guess there were several people looking at this, I didn't notice but she did, she told me that instead of it making her feel embarrased she liked it and it made her feel giddy.  So I guess I am doing something right this week. 
  On Friday we had our second weekly session for behavior correction.  It was almost twqice as many swats as last week.  I was a little upset about it.  I had to kinda rush through it because of errands we had to run.  But I managed to get through it and did not have any of the issues we had last week with the anger and such.  Maybe she is starting to feel more stable like I am actually going to hold her to all the things I expect.  I am trying really hard to live in my Dom phase all the time instead of falling into it when it is needed.  I am really feeling alot more in control of things and it is making me alot more comfortable in all aspects of my life.