Friday, March 25, 2011

Pushing limits

So butterfly and I had a talk this week about our accepted limitations.  I thought I had been pushing the limits but she wanted more.  Now being the Dom is a little difficult because it is a great balancing act between the appropriate times to be stern and caring.  I have stopped short several times because my caring has taken over, come to find out she wanted more.  So last night our normal Thursday session was due.  I decided that I would push myself further and see where she stopped me.  Well around 1 am I asked my little butterfly to go to the garage where we usually have the privacy to handle such things.  She was hesitant but had been in eager anticipation for at least an hour and a half.  She bowed her head and obediently got up and headed out the door.  By the time I had gotten into our room used the restroom and gotten out our wooden/plasic ruler, riding crop, my thick leather belt, and my favorite cane and made my way into the garage she was in the position I had instructed (face down on our old matress with her panties slightly pulled down just past the buttock).  I placed my toys near her and began the stern lecture she had earned this week about following my rules and her general lack of respect this week.  As I lectured I began with the ruler, light taps at first slowly getting more swift.  Then I shifted to my belt.  The first smack was a little harder than I planned and it made her jump a little, so what was I to do?  Well sit next to her with a firm hand in the middle of her back thats what!  Once she was not squirmy I continued.  From the belt to the crop, to the cane, back to the crop, then the belt, then the ruler, etc.  This went on for I would guess about 20 min.  Her backside was becoming nicely swollen and had begun to bruise slightly.  I could tell she was near breaking down crying which has never happened.  The bad thing was the bruises were seen and I know that I had to stop to prevent any damage to my little butterfly.  So i helped her to her knees next to me and began the slow process of caring for her the way we always do after the punishment is done. 

It is truely amazing to me how effective this is at controlling her during that time of the month.  She has been nothing but a very respectful sub and little girl since then.  Sometimes I am so amazed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Butterfly

So my sub has been writing more frequently since I instituted "the rules".  I gave her a complete list of what my expectations were and a short list of possible consequences if the actions were not completed.  Well for the most part she has been quite obedient and well mannered.  Unfortunately her foul mouth has begun to get worse.  The past few days I have had to give her corner time, stern looks (due to circumstance), and little swats on the backside to make her realize she is not following the rule that she act like a lady in public.  I have also recently begun to enjoy climax training.  Or as she calls it climax torture.  I find it not only relaxes her but allows me to train her better.  It gives me the freedom to help her understand that her body and mind belong to me.  It helps remind her that is what she asked for.  But I do know I am going to have to give her a solid training session this week.  I know that bad language is a common problem that most of us deal with so I am asking the other doms, how do you stop this behavior?  Do I need to be more reactive?  This is hard with my work schedule and our children.  What types of punishments do you recommend to stop this from continuing?  I have also discovered that she is not fully opening up to me.  She is uncomfortable crying in front of me and has build some walls to prevent me from getting in.  Is there anything I can do to help break those down?  I know I am asking a lot of questions but I am really trying to figure out how best to get her trained.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.