Sunday, October 23, 2011

Always ready

So as of late me and my little butterfly have had quite the active sex life.  It seems like neither of us can get enough.  I am very happy at this development.  I have felt more connected to her and I think it has a lot to do with me being more consistent with my rules and punishments.  I can say we have been a lot more content with each other. 
  My little butterfly posted a blog the other day and gave her opinion on why we blog.  Having read her blog and thinking for a few days I have come to the conclusion I am really happy with our relationship.  She has a hard time speaking her feelings, but she can write really well and usually can express her feelings better that way.  So her blog gives me insight into her mind and helps me to understand what she is feeling.  I know as a dom it can be hard to read your sunbs mind so her blog allows me that look inside her head.  I also understand how a dom could feel like their sub was hiding something if they didn't know about her/his blog.  Keeping secrets can definitely hurt any relationship but in this community I have found that trust is an absolute.  I know subs can want the privacy and comfort in having a blog that their dom does not know about, but it can lead to feelings of anger, jealousy, and inadequacy.  As a dom I like to feel in control. I like to know what my little one is thinking, what she is doing, and who she is talking/interacting with.  This allows me to protect her and make the best decisions for us.  We have a very open relationship and I appreciate that.
  I am still really new as a dom and I hope this blog makes some sense.  I feel happy and safe in where our relationship is.  I am not afraid to take that responsibility upon myself and make the right decisions.  So thats all I have today if you have any opinion please let me know.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm back!

So it has been way to long since I have written on here and expressed myself.  Several reasons have prevented me from doing it.  One is mental and the other physical.  Since my surgery I have not been very good at being an effective daddy or master.  I have let my sub get away with way to much and her bratty attitude has shown through like a beacon in the night.  So the past few weeks I have tried really hard to keep on my toes and make sure she does not get away with it.  She has written a blog about this week and it makes me proud when she can express herself and tell me how the sessions made her feel, even if it is in a blog. 
  So this week was a first for us.  I had been telling her all day to knock off the bratty behavior.  She of course ignored me thinking I would let it go.  So Wed night we found ourselves with an hour and a half or so and I decided it was time.  I told her to go in the room, open my toybox and get in the position.  I proceeded to get online and do a few things.  Then went into the room where she obediently waited.  I went to my toybox and got out my vipers tongue, belt, and wooden paddle.  Then we began.  I was not as nice and gentle as I usually am in the beginning but after the week she gave me she didn't deserve it.  She was fighting, squirming and trying her best to make me stop.  I scolded her and place a firm hand in the middle of her back.  I made sure this squirming business would not continue.  I continued with the spanking and the lecture.  That is almost my favorite part!  Then I sat on the bed and laid her over my lap for the rest.  She was rigid and still a little combative, but after a short time she went limp.  At first I was concerned but I knew she needed it.  So I continued til it was over.  Once I had gotten my point across I let her slide onto the floor in a kneeling position.  She instantly wrapped her arms around me and held on for dear life.  I stroked her hair and told her how much I loved her.  Then it was time to reward myself.  I told her it was time for me to fuck her :)  I proceeded to have my way with her.  She has been quite obedient since then, until today.  Here I am at work trying to get her to handle some house business and she absolutely crossed the line by cursing and yelling at me.  She has since apologized and I accept that sometimes stress can make her lash out.  But tonight we will have to "discuss" this further. 
  Long story short I now have at least 10 hours to figure out the right punishment for this behavior today.  I am looking forward to blogging more and maybe getting some good feedback from you guys.