Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 Doms 1 Butterfly

Hey guys,
  Sorry with this music stuff kicking off big time I have had little to no time for blogging.  But I wanted to check in and let you know about a few changes since we last spoke.  The first and most major change is that my Little Butterfly had asked me to allow G to be her other Dom.  Not sure how many people in the community have this dynamic but I can say I was both worried and disappointed at the question.  I gave it really thoughtful consideration for about a week or so and then made my decision.  I decided it was a good idea.  Now let me tell you why I would make such a decision.

  First thing is that G and I took a road trip a few years ago when we had first met.  On that trip we got to know each other and I found a guy in the world I might be able to trust.  Since then I had some medical issues and G was there to protect my family.  He didn't try to move in and take over, he simply took care of my family when I was unable to.  That told me a ton about his character and motivations.  But me being a jealous kind of guy I was still skeptical when my little butterfly wanted him to be my Co-Dom.  But after thinking long and hard about why discipline has been so hard for me I realized a few things:

1. While I wanted to make sure my rules were followed I was way to inconsistent.  Not because of desire but because of a lot of other factors.

2. She deserves consistency which I could not provide

3. I hate hurting her.  Physically or emotionally.  Thus administering proper punishments was hard and I was not able to provide adequate punishment.

  So with those factors in mind I decided to give her what she asked for.  I have to applaud G he has been super consistent, very understanding, and a great friend.  He has allowed LB to be more level emotionally.  He has provided the discipline that she has needed.  He has fallen into the role nicely.  Now the first time I gave him a few tips but he is a natural.  I can safely say the LB has more than one time the past few weeks regretted her decision to ask for such and arrangement. 

I will keep you guys updated on her progress and I thank you for sticking with me even though I have been less than consistent here on the blog!!