Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

  For those who might not know I am the HOH for Little Butterfly.  We have been together since 1998.  Before meeting her I was somewhat of a player.  I would have a steady girl and a few more alternates just in case.  But from my first date with LB I never have wanted anyone else.  She instantly became my addiction.  I could only ever think of her.  For years I couldn't explain why this was the case.  Well over our time together I have seen many guys come in and out of our lives.  Many of them my friends and some her old high school friends.  The one constant is that somehow someway the guys always seem to grow very fond of my Little Butterfly.  In several cases this has led to her being used in not so nice ways.  It's like the guys know if they put her in a difficult spot they can take advantage of their wants and she is powerless to stop them.  We have begun to call this the Butterfly Effect.  It makes men lose their damn minds!  They become so enthralled with her that is all they can think about.  They will stop at nothing to get a piece of her.  As the HOH I have the very difficult task of protecting her and preventing these situations, and believe me it is a full time job.  Our friend G has become something of my muscle and alternate protector of LB.  He is her other Dom and that gives me comfort.  He is the only man we have ever known I trust with her completely.  Not sure why but he doesn't seem affected by the Butterfly Effect!  Well I hosted a concert in Lubbock, TX last month.  I flew an artist in from NYC and the show was great.  After the show we were all hanging at the hotel and he asked if LB could go with him to get some ice.  Well they were gone for quite some time and I finally sent G to find them.  LB came back and was acting very ill.  I took her to the room and all she said was the artist was very touchy feely.  I knew immediately this wasn't good.  But for some reason when the artist came back and asked to talk to her in the lobby it would be ok because it was in the lobby! I said ok.  Well about 1 min went by and I went to look in the lobby for them.  I didn't see them.  I immediately went to the room got my shoes and went to find them.  No more than 4 min had gone by.  I went downstairs where the artist was in the hall outside his room and told me she was in using the restroom.  She came out and we all went to the lobby.  I was unaware anything negative happened, I mean it had only been a few minutes.  Well come to find out LB was immediately taken to his room and raped.  He was really quick and didn't really do any damage.  I did not find this out until several days later.  LB said he just kept telling her all night how beautiful she was, how he didn't know what is was but he wanted her, and how much he couldn't stop thinking about her.  Well that is the effect I have been talking about.

  Now I don't know exactly what this effect is or why she has been blessed with it.  But I do know that it has caused G and myself a lot of effort to keep her safe.  I know to anyone outside of this community it would look like I was a huge overbearing guy, but as G has discovered it is only to protect my Little girl.  I have felt the effects and still can't say why it happens.  I do know I will be more diligent in my duties as HOH and always trust my gut from this point forward.  She has been given a new rule that we hope will help her stand up to someone if the situation ever arises again.  The rule quite simply states that she is not allowed to lsiten to anyone elses instructions other than me and G.  So she now understands it is ok to say no to anyone else!  We all hope this will help her in finding the strength she needs to protect herself just in case G or I is unavailable.

  So there you have it more than you probably ever wanted to know about my Little Butterfly!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

I need your thoughts

While looking at a non DS site online I found this story.  So what better place to get opinions on it than my blog!  So please check out the story and let me know your thoughts on it.  Let me know where you think this could lead in the sexual realm of the world.

As for this blog I have a post coming that will shed some light on my Little Butterfly and why I think guys get so obssessed with her from the very first time they meet her.