Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where it all started

  A lot of you might be wondering what is going on with me and LB.  Well we are working through a lot of stuff right now and she decided to take a little break from blogging.  So send her your well wishes and let her know you are thinking about her :)

So the point of this blog is simple, explain how it all started.

  So when I was 18 I decided it would be a good idea to enroll in a modeling class to meet hot girls.  Seems easy enough right.  Well there was a girl all 3 of us guys had our eyes on, but it was because she was "blessed" we will say.  She was really snobby with no personality really.  My little LB was shy, reserved and there to actually become a model and make a living at it.  Because of her shyness she went relatively unnoticed by me.  That is until we graduated.  As I was getting my coat from the closet at the school I turned around and there she was.  She had forgetten her coat and had come back in to get it.  We got to chatting a little bit and she of all people made the move to give me her number.  I had played it like "Oh it's to bad the class is over, guess we won't see each other again."  She came back with some line about we don't have to why don't I give you my number.  Now on a side note for years in my childhood I had a vivid dream about that very encounter.  The only difference being I was not able to see the face of the person I was talking to in that hallway.  But while it was happening I had a deja vu and realized it was the same dream in real life!  So we set a date and it was something that was going to change my life forever.  Our first date was memorable in many ways.  She was a shy sublike girl and I was an overbearing, self centered, egotistical jerk.  Looking back I am so amazed she even gave me a second date, let alone 13 years of our lives so far.  We went to the local university and played a little basketball.  Then my jerk side told her "why don't you sit downa and let me show you how to shoot better" Yeah I know jerk alert!  Looking back I can definitely see how far I have come as a person.  I am still some of those things slightly, somedays more than others, but I am trying hard to set a better example for my kids.  After that we went to lunch and then hung out the rest of the day.  Around 2 am she told me she should be getting home, she was staying with family friends.  Then realized it was 2 am and said she couldnt go back that late and she would sleep on the couch.  I insisted she sleep in my bed with me but warned her I slept naked, yeah I know jerk move.  Up til that point I had never in my life slept naked!  She agreed but said no funny business would happen.  Well one thing led to another and I cohersed her into sleeping with me.  Looking back I was a real jerk.  Well something changed that night.  Up til then I was a player.  I would have more than one woman in my life at a time.  Well when she woke up the next day she wanted to leave.  As we were getting ready to leave it hit me that I couldn't let her go.  The butterfly effect hit me hard.  I told her I couldn't let her leave, knowing she was fully ready to walk out and never see me again.  I broke down and cried for the first time in a long time, she will tell you it was all an act.  I couldn't explain it but I knew then she was put on the earth for me.  I told her that as she stood across the room.  After I got done blabbing on she came over and sat next to me and said "if it means that much to you I will stay".  From that day on we were never apart.  We got married on our 1 year anniversary.

  So here we are 13 years and many huge mountains of troubles and issues later.  I think we have grown together instead of apart.  Yes we are polar opposites.  Yes we should not have anything in common.  Yes she deserves a much more perfect guy than me.  But I love her and she loves me.  We fill the void in each other.  What I lack she has and vice versa.  We complete each other.

  So thats how it all began.  Just been in a real mood to remember things and see how far we have come.  Hope you enjoyed it.  LB will be back on blogger someday I am sure.  For now we all must wait :)



  1. I enjoyed your story very much! Thank you for sharing and tell LB I have missed her:).


  2. life is truly is. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. Thanks Kitty I will tell her. And Little one, it can be the most beautiful and most horrible thing ever. But thats what makes it all work. Thanks for reading my post guys.