Sunday, August 11, 2013

Update from Little Butterfly and Daddy

So it has been like forever since I posted in here. We are settling into our new city well and trying to get things more calm to get back to work. LB got a job about a month or so ago and she is loving it! She is a Copy Editor for a company that builds books for trade shows and such. To say I am proud of my Little Girl would be an understatement. She is doing great at the job, making friends, and impressing people everyday! Now more on the personal side we are struggling. We are to tired, stressed, and hard headed and that is hurting us. But right before she went on her roadtrip this week we had a good "discussion" even if it was a little more agressive than we would normally speak with one another. We hashed a lot out and are going to hopefully get to work when she gets back next week. I have been keeping up with all of you even if I am not posting on your pages. Please keep us in your thoughts and I hope to post here more to handle this side of my thoughts and feelings! Thanks, J